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The Campaign is under NEW MANAGEMENT!!!!!

Hey fellow Good Humans!! Yep! You read that right! We are under new management! My mom (@bexclusives) said it's time for me to take over so she can refocus on her company. I've BEEN ready, just waited on the green light from her. She will continue to do the graphics and website stuff... I got the rest. This campaign was born 2 years ago and while we have done pretty well so far, I know it can go much further. BUT!!!! I can't do this alone! Support will be needed. There are many ways to support. We appreciate any form of it. You will see some changes from here on out. Don't worry, they will be good ones! I really...

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Dad Day was a SUCCESS!!!!

If you've been keeping up with our "12 months of Giving" initiative we launched in January, then you know that we have kept our promise and have completed our 6th project! DAD DAY! Just like MOM DAY, we wanted to pass something out to random humans with the hopes of making them smile. This time, we chose "Dad Cups" to pass out. Because of a generous donation, we were able to purchase 25 cups and goodies to fill the cups with. Each cup has Skittles, Rice Krispy Treats, Slim Jim, Starbursts, Fruit Snacks, M&M's and Kit Kats!  Our awesome volunteers went to barbershops in East Atlanta (SWAG and Stoney's) and handed them out to the fathers we met! They were...

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Justin Timberlake Honors 88-Year-Old Fan 'Nammie' During His Orlando Concert: 'I Love You'

A post shared by Sarah Watson (@sarahannewatson) on Mar 31, 2018 at 3:46pm PDT     Justin Timberlake gave one of his biggest fans the “best night ever” on Monday. While performing his Man of the Woods Tour at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, the 37-year-old “Can’t Stop the Feeling” singer shouted out 88-year-old Bette “Nammie” Maloney — telling her, “I love you.”  Back in March, an Instagram video of Nammie receiving tickets to see Timberlake went viral, with a shocked Maloney asking her granddaughter Sarah Watson, “Is this for real? For real, real?” “I’ve been trying to figure out how to save money to go,” she said, tearing up. “I’m going to Justin Timberlake!”  She got to do even more on Monday. Not only...

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May project: MOM DAY!

The beginning of the year, we decided to make the Good Human Campaign more about spreading love in person and less about selling shirts! Each month we have set out to make people smile. No matter how small the gesture, we did what we could to put out some positive energy into the universe! This month was dedicated to moms! A few years ago, we gathered a group of girls and bought 2 dozen cupcakes and visited a local beauty shop and passed them out to moms. It was a HIT so we decided to try it again!   A great friend of ours, Vee at "L.O.Vee My Cupcakes" donated 3 dozen beautiful cupcakes for us to pass out. We LOVEE...

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Many forgot about Flint, but he did not.

Remember when the WORLD talked about Flint, MI.? Remember when EVERYONE wanted to help? When we found out Flint, MI. residents did not have access to clean water, we all came together and did what we could to help! From small communities to A-List celebs, everyone was inspired to help! The crisis was all over social media. Not so much television media attention..... Most news outlets mentioned it, but like many other tragedies that hit urban communities, it only gets a little airtime, then slowly but surely, people forget, move on with their lives, jump on the next trend and the tragedy is no longer thought about. That's what happened in Flint. The crisis was brought to our attention in 2014. Yea,...

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