About Us!

The Good Human Campaign was started in 2016 by Bex (@Bexclusives) & daughter Karina (@KarinaChanelle) as a way to put positive energy into the world! At the time, it seemed as if the world was losing their mind. Everyone was mad, sad or stressed out! There was no other motive than to make them smile while encouraging others to pay attention to the energy they put out into the universe.

While babysitting, Bex asked a young girl name "Brooklyn" to write the words "Be A Good Human". She was 5 at the time, this was a challenge, but she wrote it and INSTANTLY, the whole vision came to life and Bex started the campaign!

Bex, owner of Bexclusives, has 14+ years experience in branding and graphic design so everything needed to push the message was easy!

With her daughter's charisma and youthful approach, she brings the "fun" to the campaign! A soon-to-be Senior in college studying Business Marketing, Karina plans to learn the necessary tools to take the campaign to a global level!

The mother/daughter dream team envisions taking the campaign on the road to introduce it through pop-up shops, festivals and events throughout the US. They also want to plan a middle / high school Good Human tour where they discuss ways to Be A Better Human to the youth. With a million ideas, their only goal right now is to get the campaign seen so it can grow AND make a difference!