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Hoodies 4 the Homeless!!

  We have wrapped up our 2019 Giveback Kickoff and it was nothing short of amazing!! Thanks to the wonderful support, we raised enough money for 100 hoodies, socks, stocking hats (beanies) and gloves!  Our partners, 21 Reasons to Give helped us reach our goal of 50 and global celebrity Lil Yachty purchased another 50 helping us reach 100!!! Once all of the items arrived, our volunteers then set up and wrapped each gift set with wrapping paper and ribbon! No better way to show someone you love them than by giving them a beautifully wrapped gift! Once the gifts were wrapped, we grabbed our Good Human Gang and set out to deliver the gifts to the homeless men and...

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Our 2019 Giveback kickoff!

Happy New Year! What better way to kick off 2019 than a good old fashioned Give Back?? Last year, we were able to do 8 of the 12 give backs that we had planned! Thanks to YOU!!! If you need a refresher, here is a recap: Jan- 2018 kickoff / sock drive Feb- Love Day / V-day cards to kids at Boys and Girls Club March- Good Human Brunch / snacks to homeless after April- Donated shirts / raised money for Nigerian Orphanage May- Mom Day / passed out cupcakes to Moms at Piedmont Park June- Dad Day / cups filled with treats to dads at Barbershops Aug- Good Human Day / kickball game / community picnic Nov- The G...

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5th and FINAL G CODE!

5 years ago, I had this idea to put adults and teen girls in a room to discuss life. UNFILTERED and HONEST conversation that will allow the teens to speak their truth as well as get the much needed advice they need. Each year, we have a different focus but the conversation is still powerful. From suicide to sexual assault, no topic is off limits. This year, we invited fathers to sit on the panel and asked teen girls to join us and discuss anything troubling them with the fathers. We had some great questions and even better answers. No sugar coating, straight to the point answers from a fathers perspective. This event was important to me personally because I...

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Registration deadlines, state by state!!

Alabama: The deadline to register in person, online or by mail is Oct. 22. California: The deadline to register in person, online or by mail is Oct. 22. Residents who miss the deadline can still register at an election office and vote with a provisional ballot. The vote will be counted when the registration is verified. Colorado: The deadline to register by mail or online is Oct. 29. Residents can register in person by Election Day. Connecticut: The deadline to register in person, by mail or online is Oct. 30. Residents can still register to vote through Election Day at a local election office. Delaware: The deadline to register in person, online or by mail is Oct. 13. District of Columbia: The deadline to register in person is Election Day....

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Welcome to The Shineroom!

Our goal is to create the kind of world we want to live in! Even though the world seems to LOVE shade, we are attempting to provide some sunSHINE to those people! No, we won't discuss Nicki or Cardi's beef, the latest news about Trump, or even recent police-involved shootings... sorry. We are ONLY here to report the GOOD NEWS! Yes, we know there are bad things happening around the world, but our goal is to show you the good... because there is A LOT of it!    If you see a GOOD NEWS story while scrolling, tag us! @wearegoodhumans  See ya there!

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