Thank you for another great year! Although 2022 was a bit rocky for the Campaign, our goal is to get back on track and continue to fulfill our purpose.

2023 will be our 7th year of spreading good vibes with the campaign, so we plan to bring brighter and better versions of ourselves in this next chapter.

Cheers to everyone that made the world a little easier to live in this year!

-The Gang


Here at the Good Human Campaign, we want to show love to the Dads out there… and what better way than to put $30 on their Fathers Day haircut??

The Saturday before Dad Day, we will pop up at a random Barber Shop and pay for some haircuts! 😎

Let’s show our dads love and SPONSOR A DAD!!! Like before, all donations will be tracked and posted in our INSTAGRAM stories!!

Cashapp: $30 to $goodhumancampaign to sponsor ONE DAD!

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