WASSPOPPINNN!? We're one month into this beautiful year and although January has been an oddly long month, we are forever ready for February. This Love Day, we are showing appreciation to a retirement home and we will use a portion of the proceeds from our LOVE edition to fund our annual initiative!

Also, in honor of Black Futures Month we will be adopting a Girl Scout! I have always wanted to be a Girl Scout but since it was never in my cards, I have decided to sponsor one. Stay tuned for that!

This is message is already long enough so imma let y'all go. AYO FEBRUARY WASSGOOD!?

- Karina Chanelle /Good Human Campaign President


In an effort to help with the planning and ordering process, we will start sharing our calendar with you!! Have a question? Use out are chat feature below!

Meet Quinn!

For Black Future Month, we will be sponsoring Quinn,a Girl Scout in California, to help her sell cookies and use our platform to increase visibility!

We will be taking a portion of our Black On Black profits to purchase cookies from Quinn or donate the money for her fundraising goals.

Want to shop with her directly? Click the link below

Quinn's Digital Cookie Site


A Purchase with a PURPOSE! A portion of the proceeds will help us sponsor a Girl Scout!

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