Every year, we show love to moms by giving random moms cups full of treats and small gifts from us to show our appreciation.

This year, we decided to do coffee mugs. We even gave them a free tea bag to help with relaxation! We are big on presentation so you know we went all out!!!

We used a portion of our merch sales to purchase supplies for 25 Mom Mugs!

Designed a box, T-shirts and stickers using our new theme.

Filled the cups with a teabag, Hershey's Kisses, Starbursts, Good Human Campaign keychain, sticker and a delicious cookie from our affiliate HiSweets!

Location: We headed out to the Atlanta Beltline on a search for moms! And the area did not disappoint!! We were welcomed with smiles, hugs, some kisses and EVEN some PESOS!! This makes it all worthwhile!

As we gear up to show our Dads love, we want to say THANK YOU to our supporters that make this possible year after year!!

- GH

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