This year we wanted to do something a little different! Every year, we learn that men often feel unappreciated on Fathers day so we try to go a little harder for them! We have learned from our many years of givebacks, Moms are appreciative but almost expect to be celebrated, while men are shocked every single time. 

A friend of ours said one of the kindest things a woman has ever done for him was pay for his haircut. Something as simple as a haircut made him feel loved! So, boom.... That's what we did! We paid for HAIRCUTS!! A LOT OF THEM!

Our President Karina Chanelle, arrived at a local BarberShop the day before Father's Day and paid $30 towards EACH Dad's haircut until the last customer!

We covered almost 20 Dads! How AMAZING IS THAT???

We also provided our annual DAD CUPS to them as well so they could share a treat with their son during their visit.

We look forward to doing these every year and we are already planning next years!!!


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