Top the Tip: College Edition sponsored by Lil Yachty

Becky Russell

When my daughter went to college, I had no way of helping her financially. That’s supplies, dorm room essentials, clothes, anything!!!! Luckily, she had a job at Bed Bath and Beyond so she was able to not only afford her supplies but also her dorm room essentials!
As a parent, it tore me up inside that I wasn’t able to help her more. Many times, I would go in the negative just to get her groceries... I don’t wish that pain on no parent.
This school year, we used our “Top the Tip” initiative to help 2020 Pebblebrook graduates / college Freshmen with their move in expenses.
The students were selected carefully by Pebblebrook faculty.
While HBCU students were preferred, we also wanted to help students that needed the help even if they didn't attend an HBCU.
Towards the end, Pebblebrook alumni, Lil Yachty joined us and helped us raise $6K and matched that bringing the final total to $12K!!
THANK YOU to Lil Yachty for using his platform to help us! And special thanks to Coach Washington for finding the recipients!
Last but not  least, THANKS to EVERYONE that donated $1 or $1000... this wouldn't have been possible without you!
We were able to help 24 graduates with $500 Target gift cards for supplies or a  new laptop valued at $500. We are beyond grateful as this was our LARGEST fundraiser to date! We definitely look forward to helping more students in the future. Maybe we can get HP and Target to sponsor it next year!!!
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