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Registration deadlines, state by state!!

Alabama: The deadline to register in person, online or by mail is Oct. 22. California: The deadline to register in person, online or by mail is Oct. 22. Residents who miss the deadline can still register at an election office and vote with a provisional ballot. The vote will be counted when the registration is verified. Colorado: The deadline to register by mail or online is Oct. 29. Residents can register in person by Election Day. Connecticut: The deadline to register in person, by mail or online is Oct. 30. Residents can still register to vote through Election Day at a local election office. Delaware: The deadline to register in person, online or by mail is Oct. 13. District of Columbia: The deadline to register in person is Election Day....

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Welcome to The Shineroom!

Our goal is to create the kind of world we want to live in! Even though the world seems to LOVE shade, we are attempting to provide some sunSHINE to those people! No, we won't discuss Nicki or Cardi's beef, the latest news about Trump, or even recent police-involved shootings... sorry. We are ONLY here to report the GOOD NEWS! Yes, we know there are bad things happening around the world, but our goal is to show you the good... because there is A LOT of it!    If you see a GOOD NEWS story while scrolling, tag us! @wearegoodhumans  See ya there!

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Our very first Good Human Day!!!

  Good Human Day was a super success!! With over 70 people in attendance, we had many kickball games, water fights, inflatable wrestling, food, ice cream and new connections made!! Besides a few sprinkles, the weather was perfect! Some even said it felt like a family reunion! We are so grateful to each and every person that came out and supported our very first Good Human Day!  Especially Lil Yachty! He is the newest member of our campaign! He not only donated some food, but it was because of him that over 70 people attended! We definitely took over the neighborhood that day and it was drama free!! We are already looking forward to next year!   

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The Campaign is under NEW MANAGEMENT!!!!!

Hey fellow Good Humans!! Yep! You read that right! We are under new management! My mom (@bexclusives) said it's time for me to take over so she can refocus on her company. I've BEEN ready, just waited on the green light from her. She will continue to do the graphics and website stuff... I got the rest. This campaign was born 2 years ago and while we have done pretty well so far, I know it can go much further. BUT!!!! I can't do this alone! Support will be needed. There are many ways to support. We appreciate any form of it. You will see some changes from here on out. Don't worry, they will be good ones! I really...

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Dad Day was a SUCCESS!!!!

If you've been keeping up with our "12 months of Giving" initiative we launched in January, then you know that we have kept our promise and have completed our 6th project! DAD DAY! Just like MOM DAY, we wanted to pass something out to random humans with the hopes of making them smile. This time, we chose "Dad Cups" to pass out. Because of a generous donation, we were able to purchase 25 cups and goodies to fill the cups with. Each cup has Skittles, Rice Krispy Treats, Slim Jim, Starbursts, Fruit Snacks, M&M's and Kit Kats!  Our awesome volunteers went to barbershops in East Atlanta (SWAG and Stoney's) and handed them out to the fathers we met! They were...

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