This initiative was created to randomly bless deserving individuals in the service industry with a cash tip. We simply call on our supporters to send whatever donation they're comfortable sending (starting at $1) and on the last day, we withdrawal the money and bless an individual.

The goal is to just do a kind act for an unsuspecting human to remind them that there is GOOD in the world.

The money is raised by our Good Human community via social media, mainly IG.

We also add money in the pot in the end.


We are blessing at least 10 Pebblebrook High School 2020 Graduates entering college.

The recipients will be carefully chosen by PHS Staff.

The criteria:

Student must have:

Pebblebrook Diploma

College Admissions letter 

Financially affected by Covid-19


A gift card for supplies / dorm room essentials


Laptop & Flash Drive

Student must choose which they prefer.


For any questions or concerns, please contact us at

Track the progress on our IG: @goodhumancampaign