WE MADE THE NEWS!!!! But not how we wanted.

WE MADE THE NEWS!!!! But not how we wanted.

#thatmomentwhen Someone gets caught Not being a good human... while wearing a hoodie saying Be A Good Human. I contemplated not posting this because we were very uncomfortable with the negative attention our campaign has been receiving. This news story has been reported EVERYWHERE...and everyone is speaking on it EXCEPT for us. Giving them control of OUR narrative.

We put out a statement but our platform can not compare to the platform of @wsbtv @fox5atlanta@11alive @ajcnews and every other media outlet that has aired this story COUNTLESS TIMES.

When this individual stole items from @ringcrush, the story became more about the hoodie than the actual crime.

We passed out 100 hoodies to the less fortunate in Atlanta earlier this year and knowing 100 people had that SAME hoodie had us fearful that the homeless community would become a target because of the media.

I get it. They needed a catchy headline to get attention. I get it. But during this whole ordeal, we are left with the aftermath of the storm. Her items were recovered. He was captured. Now it’s no longer a story.... but what do WE do now?

To make matters worse, Chamblee PD thought it was a good idea to take the perpetrators hoodie and prop it up for a photoshoot. The victim even posed with it.... not her jewelry, but with the hoodie.....

We were disgusted. We understand what he did was wrong, but while the media used our hoodie to get clicks, shares and comments, they don't realize the damage that was done to our brand. And when it was brought to their attention, they didnt care.

After numerous attempts to have them use their platform to shine a light on who we are.... we got nowhere.

The same people that tore us down, had no interest in shedding light on the GOOD we actually do.

So... there you have it. That’s the story. Now you know.

We will work to rebuild our image in the Atlanta area by any means necessary.

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