Top the Tip: February

Top the Tip: February

Today was an amazing day!

This morning, I still wasn’t 100% sure where to go, but then I got a DM from someone saying he works for the city of EAST POINT and wanted me to do work for him.

That was a sign!!! So I looked up the Waffle House in East Point and decided to go! It was really busy so I was a little nervous but we sat and waited.

2 young ladies skipped us and took our booth.
I was frustrated at first but we waited for the next one.

We were seated at Tay’s table. She was sweet. She was clocking out in 20 min. Perfect timing!!! We asked if it’s been busy and she said it was but the tips haven’t been good.

She was young. Around @karinachanelle age. My nerves were going crazy! Maybe that was my anxiety. Idk. Luckily, @celestebydesign was there to help because I would’ve probably handed the envelope and ran out. 🤣🤣🤣 but it worked out perfectly.

We handed her the envelope. She opened it and without really looking inside, she came around to hug us.
She was ok with showing her identity and even spoke to the camera. We didn’t expect that.

She told us how she had a bday trip planned to Italy with her school (Clark Atlanta) but it was cancelled due to the virus and she was sad about that.

Well, we came in and brightened her day. She also has a son that this can help as well. When I told her how much was in there, she cried. I fought soooo hard to hold back my tears. I’m a cry baby. But I held it in. Probably hugged her about 5 times before we left.

Thank you to everyone that made today possible. God definitely sent me there for a reason. And directly to HER table.

Next month we will bless 2 people!!! #topthetip
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