Many forgot about Flint, but he did not.

Remember when the WORLD talked about Flint, MI.? Remember when EVERYONE wanted to help? When we found out Flint, MI. residents did not have access to clean water, we all came together and did what we could to help! From small communities to A-List celebs, everyone was inspired to help! The crisis was all over social media. Not so much television media attention..... Most news outlets mentioned it, but like many other tragedies that hit urban communities, it only gets a little airtime, then slowly but surely, people forget, move on with their lives, jump on the next trend and the tragedy is no longer thought about.

That's what happened in Flint. The crisis was brought to our attention in 2014. Yea, I know... it's 2018. Which means, residents in this city have been without clean water for 4 years. While it seems like the world forgot, one man did not! @alix_goodenergy is not only an entrepreneur in the trucking business, but he is also a business consultant and humanitarian. Alix is a GOOD HUMAN! 

Alix and some friends filled up an 18 wheeler with bottled water and delivered it to Flint to show them they weren't forgotten! His volunteers delivered the cases directly to the cars, and the residents. While there, he spoke with the residents about the water crisis and how it affects them in their daily life. One of the residents mentioned her hair falling out and having skin problems due to the water. Take a moment to view this clip and for more, visit Alix's IG!

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