The Good Human Campaign invades NASHVILLE!

The Good Human Campaign invades NASHVILLE!

Yesterday, we met at the pedestrian bridge by the 

John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge in Nashville, TN. at 11 am. We waited for people to arrive then we walked across the bridge holding our signs of choice. Many swapped out signs frequently. We didn't shout, or disturb anyone's peace. We just held up signs displaying messages of love, peace, and unity. With over 25 people in attendance, we took up a lot of space on the bridge as we walked from one end to the other and back. Many people stopped and watched, others took video as we walked. Some even asked to take pics holding signs. We received so much praise for what we were doing. We saw so many smiles and happiness on the faces of complete strangers.

The outcome from yesterday showed us that people love positivity as much as others love negativity..... they just needed someone to expose them to positive news. The world isn't as bad as we like to think. It's only a reflection of what we focus on. Yesterday I saw people laugh, smile, and even gain a new perspective on life. People can forget what you said, but they can not unsee the images of many races coming together to spread love. It might not change their minds, might not stop the violence. But for ONE DAY, we celebrated the love that does exist and shared it with the city.

Pics provided by : / @iamdarwinmoore on IG


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