The Campaign is under NEW MANAGEMENT!!!!!

The Campaign is under NEW MANAGEMENT!!!!!

Hey fellow Good Humans!!

Yep! You read that right! We are under new management! My mom (@bexclusives) said it's time for me to take over so she can refocus on her company. I've BEEN ready, just waited on the green light from her. She will continue to do the graphics and website stuff... I got the rest.

This campaign was born 2 years ago and while we have done pretty well so far, I know it can go much further. BUT!!!! I can't do this alone! Support will be needed. There are many ways to support. We appreciate any form of it.

You will see some changes from here on out. Don't worry, they will be good ones! I really appreciate the support thus far, but it's really time to kick this thing into overdrive and spread our message even further.

I won't say too much, I will show you! 

-Karina Chanelle

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