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Welcome to The Shineroom!

Our goal is to create the kind of world we want to live in! Even though the world seems to LOVE shade, we are attempting to provide some sunSHINE to those people! No, we won't discuss Nicki or Cardi's beef, the latest news about Trump, or even recent police-involved shootings... sorry. We are ONLY here to report the GOOD NEWS! Yes, we know there are bad things happening around the world, but our goal is to show you the good... because there is A LOT of it!    If you see a GOOD NEWS story while scrolling, tag us! @wearegoodhumans  See ya there!

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Lil Yachty & Offset Buys Out Theater For Kids To Watch Black Panther!

There is a Black Panther movement toward getting more kids to watch the Marvel film. Celebrities, artists, influencers and record labels have been joining the movement, buying out theaters and ensuring children with limited resources could see the movie and here at the Good Human Campaign, we ARE HERE FOR IT! Not only do we love and admire what these young men did for those kids, but we love when the youth do good deeds because the kids involved get to experience good deeds from their favorite rap stars. Regardless of how you feel about their music, they are doing good things in their communities. Some known, some unknown. We have to appreciate when artists and the youth do good deeds, especially when society loves...

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