Our 2018 Kickoff!!!

Our 2018 Kickoff!!!

Our 2018 Campaign Kickoff was nothing less than amazing!! Even though the weather wasn't the best, many people made their way to celebrate with us! This wasn't just an ordinary party, this was also the founder (me) 38th birthday party as well! For my birthday, I wanted to celebrate with friends and bring attention to this campaign. We had a live photoshoot, pop-up shop, food, giveaways and music from Atlanta legend, Dj DJelly! The greatest part about it was the youth!!!! We had plenty of children and teens in attendance to bring the excitement! They entertained us with dancing and laughter throughout the entire night!!! 

I am so grateful to everyone that came out and helped us raise a little money to kick off our 2018 efforts! The theme for this year is Purpose Over Purchase! We plan on doing monthly community activities to spread love and light in any way we can. Some small, some large, we plan on doing what we can! VOLUNTEERS are NEEDED! Make sure you visit the HOME PAGE and sign up to receive information about volunteer opportunities!!! Each month, we will send out our plan and see who's on board.



 photos: @Soofficialstudios



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