May project: MOM DAY!

May project: MOM DAY!

The beginning of the year, we decided to make the Good Human Campaign more about spreading love in person and less about selling shirts! Each month we have set out to make people smile. No matter how small the gesture, we did what we could to put out some positive energy into the universe!

This month was dedicated to moms! A few years ago, we gathered a group of girls and bought 2 dozen cupcakes and visited a local beauty shop and passed them out to moms. It was a HIT so we decided to try it again!


A great friend of ours, Vee at "L.O.Vee My Cupcakes" donated 3 dozen beautiful cupcakes for us to pass out. We LOVEE her!!!!

Our first stop: 

We stopped at a local nail shop. Moms usually get their nails done the day before Mother's Day...right?! We walked in full of positive energy and vibes and everyone in their looked at us like we were aliens.... not ONE PERSON SMILED. It was sad actually. They were so confused.... they didn't say anything but "no thanks"... the energy wasn't too good in there. 

We left.

Out next stop: We stopped by Extensions Silk Press Salon in Buckhead to see our friend K. Logan and leave some cupcakes for the lovely moms stopping by their salon.

Our Last Stop:

There is no better place to be on a beautiful Saturday than the park! We chose Piedmont Park to spread our love! We approached anyone we thought was a mom... which is not easy unless their kids were with them. Walking up to complete strangers saying, "Hello! We are passing out free cupcakes for moms today, would you like one." Some people were shocked that we were giving out free treats. That is our goal... to show complete strangers that there are still good people in the world.... without motives. Just good ol' fashioned kind gestures from Good Humans! Piedmont Park was a SUCCESS! 

One of the lovely couples we met asked if we accepted donations. Recently, I ended the GoFundMe due to lack of support, so I explained that shirt sales help us as well. Not as much, but it's better than nothing. Because of that, I have set up a Donation link for those that want to contribute to our campaign!!

If you feel compelled to send a donation, now you can! If you're unable, that's fine! Just help us spread the word! We are not a nonprofit, anything helps!


Next month is dedicated to Fathers! Info will be posted when available!

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