Hoodies 4 the Homeless!!

Hoodies 4 the Homeless!!



We have wrapped up our 2019 Giveback Kickoff and it was nothing short of amazing!! Thanks to the wonderful support, we raised enough money for 100 hoodies, socks, stocking hats (beanies) and gloves! 

Our partners, 21 Reasons to Give helped us reach our goal of 50 and global celebrity Lil Yachty purchased another 50 helping us reach 100!!!

Once all of the items arrived, our volunteers then set up and wrapped each gift set with wrapping paper and ribbon! No better way to show someone you love them than by giving them a beautifully wrapped gift!

IMG-5691 IMG-5696 IMG-5700 IMG-5709

Once the gifts were wrapped, we grabbed our Good Human Gang and set out to deliver the gifts to the homeless men and women of Atlanta! 


Our first stop was located near Grady Hospital. We met some great humans. We talked, laughed and one even asked us to text his mom a pic we took! Many of the people we met were happy and grateful for our gifts!


We relocated to Underground Atlanta next! We were met with more smiling faces and hugs! That day, we passed out 85 hoodie gift sets to the homeless. 85 people were a little warmer because of our wonderful supporters!IMG-5783

The next day, we partnered with another nonprofit organization (Karing Hands) and passed out 35 more goodie bags full of chips, snacks, drinks, more socks and chap stick! 

That was a wrap~ Mission Complete!! 

IMG-5933IMG-5939 IMG-5959


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