Formally known as "Hoodies 4 the Homeless", this year we decided to change the name because they might be without a home but they're still HUMANS. We like the new name better.

On December 15, we kicked off our fundraiser to raise $1250. The goal was to be able to purchase 50 hoodies, hats, gloves, socks for those in need. Not just any hoodie, but our Be A Good Human hoodie. Many times, people forget they are HUMANS and treat them badly so it made sense to give those hoodies to them to send a reminder to other humans they interact with daily.


Last year, one of the gift recipients committed a theft crime wearing his hoodie and it caused an uproar because of the irony but we refuse to let that define us.

On Superbowl Sunday we set out to pass out the donations to those in need. We went in places other forget about like under the bridges and in hidden places. We ran out of the sizes we needed but we still were able to give them the other sizes.


Next year, we will focus more on ordering more XL and up.

Thanks again to everyone that made this possible.

Also a special thank you to HUGLIFE CARES for joining us to pass out donations.

We look forward to next year!


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