Good Humans in Nigeria!

Good Humans in Nigeria!

Just recently, one of our amazing supporters 

Emeka reached out to us and asked if I would like to send anything from our campaign to Nigeria with him. Without a second thought, I gave him everything I had left in stock! It wasn't much, but I was hoping they would love the shirts as much as I do! 

While there, Emeka volunteered at a local orphanage and met some awesome young people. He also was able to see that there was a need for help and decided to take action. That's what Good Humans do! So, here at the Good Human Campaign, we have decided to release a special edition colorway to help raise funds for his orphanage initiative!! From April 11- Apr 25th, we will have these special edition tees available for purchase. If you would like to learn more about the cause or donate, CLICK HERE.

At the Good Human Campaign, we want to not only spread our message of love and light but, we also want our shirts to have a greater purpose than just a simple purchase. Thank You for supporting our efforts!!

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