DRAKE is making it cool to Be A Good Human and we are HERE FOR IT!

Becky Russell

If you haven't seen the latest video "God's Plan" released today by Drake, Check it out here!

Not only does this video and song represent what we stand for, but when someone with such a large platform uses their status to do good in the world, we can't help but to have some hope that change is coming!!! Maybe now others will see that its okay to Be a Good Human and spread love for the public to see.... Often times, all our kids see is rap videos with money, drugs, guns, and half naked women but rarely seeing a rapper do good deeds and pushing a positive message. Not only the youth, but our misguided adults need to see this as well.

If you find any issues with this video, you may need to check yourself. Yes, he filmed himself giving.... but if you have no issues with videos showing off money, drugs, violence and sex.... but have a problem with this....then you have some inner work that needs to be done. Let's celebrate good... however it comes. Right now it's needed more than EVER! Enjoy and SHARE THIS AWESOMENESS!

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