DAD DAY 2019!!

DAD DAY 2019!!

Our third "Dad Day" was a success!! We raised the needed donations so we could purchase supplies for 50 "dad cups". In the dad cups, they received gum, Starbursts, Jolly Ranchers, Sour candies, chap stick, Rice Krispy Treats and a multipurpose tool that included scissors, screwdriver, cork screw and more.

Our first stop was "Superb Grooming Studio" owned and operated by Sherrod "the Barber" Martin, a retired NFL star. After we passed out cups to all of the dads, we went to our next stop!!

Then second barber shop was "Kleen Cutz". They had a packed house!! They also loved the kind gesture and even told us they were just discussing how fathers don't get the same love moms get and how unfair that is. We were happy to put a smile on their face and remind them that they matter!!! We got a donation at this barbershop!!!

Our third barber shop was "Phoenix Salon". There were only 3 dads inside, but we passed out some cups and went to our final stop!!

Our final stop was Mazzy's Sports Bar and grill where we gifted 3 cooks with a cup!!

This giveback shows us just how much the fathers are neglected. We wish bee could do more for them!!


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