As you may already know, we are striving to do monthly community activities with the main goal of spreading love!  January, we collected socks for the homeless, and this month, we chose to pass out Valentine cards to strangers with messages of love, encouragement and inspiration! Our original date was Feb 10, but it rained so we had to go back to the drawing board. I have a 10+ history working with inner-city school-aged children so what better way to spread love than to find a group of kids to pass out cards to?

I chose a local Boys and Girls club and got the needed information regarding their center. I then put together 100 Valentine cards for the kids and 5 Big cups filled with treats for the staff, plus 2 Good Human tees for the directors. The kids were so full of life and excited to receive their cards. We asked a few of them to read their messages out loud. No words can express the joy from seeing their face as they read a message that said "You will change the world" or "You are perfect just the way you are". The littlest acts of kindness have the ability to make large impacts!

The project cost a total of $120 plus a big bag of donated candy! We look forward to doing more with this center and volunteering time with the kids! For information on how you can help, make sure you enter your email on the homepage! You will get email notifications regarding future events!

Next month: Good Human brunch!!! We will collect donations for our next project! Stay tuned for details!

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