5th and FINAL G CODE!

5 years ago, I had this idea to put adults and teen girls in a room to discuss life. UNFILTERED and HONEST conversation that will allow the teens to speak their truth as well as get the much needed advice they need. Each year, we have a different focus but the conversation is still powerful. From suicide to sexual assault, no topic is off limits.

This year, we invited fathers to sit on the panel and asked teen girls to join us and discuss anything troubling them with the fathers. We had some great questions and even better answers. No sugar coating, straight to the point answers from a fathers perspective.

This event was important to me personally because I was not raised with a father and never had any male guidance to help me growing up. I felt compelled to give these young ladies what I never had growing up. 

I want to send a special thank you to A.M.E.E. Events for sponsoring our decorations each year, Hip Hop Gives Back for partnering with us this year and providing the DJ services, and the many people that donated monetarily or with their time. Without you, none of this would've been possible.

We have decided to end our G Code annual public event and work towards bringing it into the schools. Directly to the teens. 

Thanks for an amazing 5 year run!